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Looking for financing Business projet or a Commercial Real Estate bridge?

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Make it easy! Avoid the many displacements. Save time, and money.

We find for you the ideal financing. A single application request submitted to our various partners for a pre-approval without charge and without spot on your credit file.

Surprising leverage.

Upon receipt of your file, the different partners will analyze your request and according to their interest, they will each submit their funding offer.

Give yourself the power to choose the loan that suits you best to climb the next step of your expansion.

The best conditions possible.

Expansion Capital, makes every effort to team up with serious, transparent partners who care about your growth.

We will do our best to find the best possible financing conditions on the market for your business needs.


About us

We are committed to expanding your company.

Expansion Capital facilitates your fundraising process with several financial institutions and a large number of alternative lenders. In all transparency, the vast majority of pre-approval analyzes will not affect your credit report with the exception of 2 lenders who play in a specific sector. If this is your need, you will be notified before you begin to make sure you want to proceed with your request. It is thanks to these preliminary analyzes of your file that we will be able to present financing solutions really adapted to your company and its needs. We will go for some recommendations on the advantages and disadvantages of each of these solutions to allow a more informed decision but it is YOU who will have the luxury of choosing the offer that suits you best. Be assured of structured and comprehensive support from Expansion Capital.

Let us work for you and entrust us with the mandate to simplify your search for funding!

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The Process

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1. What are your needs? | TO EXPLORE

Take a few moments to identify your needs properly. Expansion Capital gives you access to a range of financing opportunities. Get the best possible financing conditions on the market for your business needs.

In all activity area, we find for you...

Working capital

Finance your purchase orders

Unsecured business loans on assets

Independent Lenders

Finance your accounts receivable (factoring)

Financing, refinancing
equipment (leasing)

Guaranteed loans on assets

Purchase, Sale, Transfer business

Starting a business

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial line of credit

Bank financing solutions

2. Find financing! | TO ACT

Complete this section to briefly inform us about your business and its financing needs. A member of our team will be happy to contact you later to discuss. You will then know in writing or by telephone of the documentation to provide us. Let us accompany you to facilitate the financing of your projects!


Terms and conditions

Let us assist you to facilitate the financing of your projects It is thanks to the preliminary analysis and the development of your financial profile that we can offer financing solutions that are truly adapted to your business for free. Depending on the type of funding you require, you will be asked to complete the Extension Capital official application form. This is the one we will send to our various partners in order to obtain several offers of funding from them that will be supported by our recommendations for each of them in order to allow you to make the best decision. which is for the needs of your business. When an offer is accepted by you, please note that an ECDC Money Order Fee may be applied depending on the type of financing required. For questions, contact us at +1 (438) 771-5542

The Expansion Capital Team

Multi-Disciplinary experts to meet your business needs.

Photo Patrick Castonguay

Patrick Castonguay

President | Co-founder

Business Financing Consultant | Credit Analyst, Marketing

But also: Commercial Account Manager. Former banker, multi-entrepreneur, more than 15 years of experience in sales and web marketing, what makes me the most proud is to help entrepreneurs to support their growth. The customer experience is probably the most important thing in entrepreneurship. With a view to compliance and risk management, it is with passion that I accompany entrepreneurs to better understand their different financing options.

Photo Éric Desmarais

Éric Desmarais

Vice President | Co-founder

Business Financing Consultant | Business development

But also: Former District Manager in Canada (East and Central), United States (Chicago, Boston, Detroit, New Jersey) with over 50 employees. My strength ... the networking of business and banking. Several partners refer us to customers who are currently difficult to bank. Our objective? Find them alternative financing in the best possible conditions and reintegrate them with their original institution.

Photo Louis Lefebvre

Louis Lefebvre

Expert Alternative Financing

Director Financial Services to Business | Senior Collaborator

But also: Specialist major loans from $ 100K to 25 million. With over 25 years of experience as a consultant. I participate in the team as a business partner and mentor. My vast experience in financing touches all areas of activity. Whether it is to finance a property, an income building, a construction project, a recreational tourism project or other, we have the solution to promote your ideas.

Photo Émilie Lasnier

Émilie Lasnier


Human Resources | Support

But also: Émilie is the woman behind his men. There for his people and also for you! She faces all the challenges with a smile. As much for the management of customer support, compliance of documents and accounting, I orchestrate all facets of the company to ensure the success of it. It is a pride to be part of a team that puts so much effort into serving its customers and finding solutions to their growth needs.Émilie is the woman behind his men. There for his people and also for you! She faces all the challenges with a smile.

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Expansion Capital is an SEO company of potential suppliers of business loans. We are neither lenders nor brokers but independent consultants.

We only work with financial service providers that comply with Canadian laws and regulations.


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It is with heart that we find for you... ways to finance your company growth and your realestates needs to the best possible conditions on the market.