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Patrick Castonguay. | President

  • In collaboration with several institutions as well as a large number of alternative lenders, Expansion Capital DC (ECDC) facilitates your search for financing by accompanying you through each stage and offering you alternative and creative strategies to put forward a plan. entry as well as an exit plan with respectable deadlines and at the best market conditions.
  • Our team of consultants and collaborators will give you the best of themselves in achieving your goals. Financing expert, Chartered appraiser, Notary, without forgetting an intervention and correction of credit files, will promote your bank return. Let us work for you and entrust us with the mandate to simplify your search for funding and be assured of structured and comprehensive support thanks to the ECDC team.

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Open up to alternative financing to go even further and faster. We find for you ... creative financing in three solutions, to propel your expansion.

Greetings from the Vice President | Expansion Capital
Éric Desmarais

ECDC / Banking


*A bank YES

Despite a complicated situation, missing financial statements and a bad credit rating, our team has the network and the solutions to help you really and quickly regularize your business situation in an immediate banking operation. Entry plan and exit plan is offered in a structured support with peace of mind.

"Following a refusal from my bank, the ECDC team and their strong network of contacts succeeded with a strategic and creative plan in obtaining a yes!"
- S. Poitrat

ECDC /Private Lenders


*Private loans

Our team deals with a multitude of experienced private lenders in all areas of activity to maximize your leverage and promote the growth of your business. So for any acquisitions or expansion plan, contact ECDC.

"Yes, a private loan costs more in interest and may include costs, but the missed opportunity cost is even more so !!"
- L. Langevin

ECDC / Unsecured Loans


*No need for guarantees

Another aspect in which we excel is to find for you an unsecured loan requested for working capital via more than 20 Canadian partners.

"An amount of $ 75,000 deposited in 48 hours for my manifesto company. Thank you ECDC"
- C. Lemay


Follow the steps

What are your needs?

Find out about our various funding possibilities in several activity sectors using the list below.

We find for you!

You no longer know where to look for the financing needed for your business growth? Let us do it for you.

1. What are your needs? | TO EXPLORE

Take a few moments to explore and identify your needs correctly so that we can find the financing required for your business expansion.
The strategies of alternative and creative financing of Expansion Capital gives you access to a whole range of possibilities of growth according to your ambitions.

Working Capital

Commercial property

Non-standard bank financing

Guaranteed financing on assets

Accounts receivable financing

Financing, refinancing

Unsecured business loans requested

Achat, vente, transfert d'entreprise

2. We find for you! | TO ACT

Complete the information form below to briefly inform us about your funding needs.
A member of our team will be happy to contact you afterwards to discuss it. You will then read the documentation to be provided to us in writing or by telephone.


Terms and conditions

Let us support you to facilitate the financing of your projects! We find financing solutions for you. It is thanks to a preliminary analysis and the elaboration of your financial portrait that we can offer you financing solutions really adapted to your needs and this for free.

Depending on the type of financing you need, you will be asked to complete the official Extension Capital DC application form. This is the one we will send to our various partners in order to obtain several financing offers from them which will be supported by our recommendations for each of them in order to allow you to make the best decision. that is.

When the financing solutions are made via an official offer from a private lender, please note that an ECDC service mandate will be offered to you. ECDC Mandate fees normally capitalized on loan and payable in advance will be applied in direct relation with the representation, negotiation and obtaining of private financial facilities. Depending on the heaviness and risk associated with certain files, a fixed cost of analysis and canvassing may also be required beforehand.

Expansion Capital DC is a consulting, referral and potential business loan provider linked to a range of alternative lenders for your commercial, industrial and real estate expansion projects. For any questions, contact us at +1 (438) 771-5542.

The Expansion Capital team

Multi-Disciplinary experts at the height of your needs.

Photo Patrick Castonguay

Patrick Castonguay

Président | Co-founder

Specialist in financing strategies | Private

But also: Communications Director, Former Bank Account Director, Multi-entrepreneur and President (WebsiteGo, AOA Productions, Solutions Croissance PME, Investis C).

Business networking makes me tick. Each meeting is important and we open up new horizons.
With over 15 years of sales experience, the customer experience is arguably the most important to me. With a view to compliance and risk management, it is with passion and flawless service that I help entrepreneurs to better understand the different financing options available to them.

Photo Éric Desmarais

Éric Desmarais

Vice President | Co-founder

Specialist in business financing solutions

But also: Business Development Director. Former District Manager in Canada (East, Center), United States (Chicago, Boston, Detroit, New Jersey) with more than 50 dependent employees.

The management of personnel, the analysis and the search for creative financing fascinates me at the highest point.
Several partners refer us to customers who have so far been refused by the banks. Our objective ? Find them alternative financing in the best possible conditions and reintegrate them with their initial institution. An entry plan, an ECDC exit plan.

Photo Louis Lefebvre

Louis Lefebvre

Expert in alternative financing

Financial Director | Senior Collaborator

But also: Specialist in major loans from $ 50k to $ 25M and more than 25 years of experience as a consultant. I participate in the Expansion Capital team as a collaborator and mentor. My extensive funding experience touches all areas of activity. So whether it is to finance a property, an income property, a construction project, a tourism or other project, we have the solution to promote your ideas.

Photo Éric Desmarais

Émilie Lasnier


Coordinator | Customer support | Blog

Emilie is the woman behind these men. There for his and also for you! She faces all challenges with a smile.

As much for customer support management, document compliance and writing the ECDC Blog,
I orchestrate all facets of the business to ensure its success. It is a pride to be part of a team that puts so much effort into serving its customers and that finds solutions to their business growth needs or real estate acquisition strategies.

Photo Employé

Marie-Claude Daigle


Human resources | Administration

It is essential that the work must be accompanied by passion and determination. This is exactly what motivates me the most to be part of this superb team. We are problem solvers for companies and real estate investors.

Administrative tasks have no secrets for me and even if I act behind the scenes, my skills add an important piece to the corporate structure.

The Expansion Capital Collaborators

Multi-Disciplinary experts at the height of your needs.

Photo Collaborateur

Pierre Payment

Notary in law, real estate and corporate finance

Cabinet de notaire

But also: Also has additional expertise in corporate law and testamentary and estate planning.

Repeatedly recognized as an expert witness before the courts. I know the working methodology allowing to set up real estate information in order to reach the targeted objective. With me, you will be in good hands and you can trust the success of your approach.

Photo Collaborateur

Carole Goyette 

Correction & adjustment of credit files

Correction Crédit Canada

But also: Account Manager, Business Development and Senior Partner at Correction Credit Canada

A graduate of the HEC in marketing, I have worked for almost 20 years as an account manager. I am above all a woman of heart and my clients say of me that I work in total transparency. In addition, I stand out for my extraordinary efficiency. You will be charmed and amazed by my expertise and my knowledge of the field of correction of credit files. My advice and interventions will help you achieve your goals.

Photo Collaborateur

Sébastien Jean

Chartered Appraiser / Chartered Administrator management division)

CAP Immobilier

But also: Specialist in real estate, commercial and industrial valuation.

Repeatedly recognized as an expert witness before the courts. I know the working methodology allowing to set up real estate information in order to reach the targeted objective. With me, you will be in good hands and you can trust the success of your approach.

Photo Luc Feliziani

Luc Feliziani

Personal and commercial damage insurance broker

Racine & Chamberland

Personal and commercial damage insurance broker since 1987 and since 2004 with the firm of Racine & Chamberland.

I manage a large volume of business and serve a very diverse clientele including property owners who need insurance coverage for sub-standard creditors. For over 100 years, our team has put its expertise at your service. Our unrivaled knowledge of the insurance market and our solid ties with the largest insurers help you to be assured of peace of mind on a daily basis.

Our bank client referrers and other star collaborators

They trust us by referring their clients who require alternative financing.

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* What our costomers say *

WE SHARE THESE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES IN ORDER TO INSPIRE YOU. We sincerely thank our customers for the trust they have placed in us and are proud of the various solutions set out below.

Expansion Capital ... They are champions! Nothing to say about customer service. They listened to us, guided us, accommodated them and found a private person open to financing us working capital for my restaurant outside of Montreal.

Big, Big, thank you.

With missing financial statements, there is no need to tell you that it is virtually impossible to obtain bank financing. Believe it or not, they have managed to make it happen through their banking contact network. I researched it and despite the doubts of some, they delivered the goods.

The humanism and dedication with which I have been served is priceless.

Finding a lender to finance a seniors' residence in the region is not easy.

A friend introduced me to Patrick from ECDC, who with his team managed to do it. They found me a private lender ready to finance me with less than 10% down payment.

Thank you Super Pat!

I was referred to this expert company which immediately took charge of me, had my house assessed and granted a loan with collateral guarantee. I was able to get the cash to buy my goods wholesale at a much better price. Restoring health to my food business. all in a credit repair structure. This 12 month bank return plan will allow me to repay the lender at 100%

A unique service for people like me with an ultra busy schedule. Thank you for your dedication in representing, seeking and negotiating for me the engagement you sought. I recommend you without any hesitation.

Lots of pedler liars on the internet. But not these guys! My construction company needed temporary working capital. After several refusals, I was referred to this team of consultants in the search for alternative financing. Nothing to say! a gang truly serving their customers.

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The Expansion Capital team thanks you for your comments, which allow us to maintain a high standard of service. Do not hesitate to "like" and share our Facebook page with your network, and other entrepreneurs who may also be interested in our services.

Émilie L.

Guide Stratégie MON Crédit

It is with heart that we find for you ... alternative and creative financing and banking solutions.

Expansion Capital DC is a consulting, SEO and potential business loan provider company with a range of alternative lenders for your commercial, industrial and real estate expansion projects.


8815 ave. du Parc, suite 402 Montréal, Qc H2N 1Y7

+1 (438) 771-5542

Our consultants team give you the best of themselves in order to facilitate the achievement of your objectives. Financing expert, Chartered appraiser, Notary, without forgetting an intervention and correction of credit files, will favor an entry plan and a bank exit plan. Let us work for you and entrust us with the mandate to simplify your search for financing and to offer you new alternative and creative solutions. Rest assured of structured and comprehensive support thanks to the ECDC team.